Hypothesis question

Help!!! An ecommerce company claims that 67% or more graduate students have bought merchandise online. A consumer group is suspicious of the claim and thinks the proportion is lower than 67%. A random sample of 65 grad students show that only 37 have ever done so. Is there enough evidence to show that the true proportion is lower than 67%? Conduct the test with a=.10 and report in context the problem.


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What is the context - why do you have to solve this problem?

And what would you suggest as a solution, so far?

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This is I think a one direction t test. The number who use it is not useful. You want to know the percent which is about 57 percent. The alternative hypothesis is that it its below 67%. You would have to run the test and find p to answer the question.

An alternative way to do this would b a test of proportions.