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I am new to this forum. I need desperate help. I am taking a QMB 3200 class and there is no book so I am lost. Here is my question:

It is claimed that the proportion of high school students in the United States who use computers for educational purposes is at most 76%. Suppose that we have reason to believe otherwise and wish to carry out a hypothesis test for this claim. State the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis that we would use for this test

I think it should be:

H1(different) 76

I don't know how to do this sign in the computer...Please advise if I am wrong...Thanks a lot.


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Very close.

The key words in the question are "at most 76%." What this means is that they claim it is no bigger than 76%.

So, the hypotheses should read:

Ho: P <= .76
Ha: P > .76
Thanks a lot

That help me a lot...I am assuming then that if it tell me "it was" that would be what I did before right? Cause it will mean that it's exactly 76%.
Hi John,

Unforfunately, I live in Florida. I just posted another question about this one I honestly have no clue. I am taking this class through the ALEKS system and it asks you stuff before you get to it. I have no idea how to do it, but yesterday I undertood what you explained. do you think you can take a look at it to see if you can help me?

Thanks in advance....