I cant hack it..


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I wish this was true for the topology and modern algebra courses.
Lol to be fair those answers are quite long. I could at least find answer guides for the odd problems for my abstract algebra course in undergrad online though. My instructor gave us the solution guide for the odd problems when I took topology but only assigned even problems. Still was super helpful though.


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i already gave you the number. and my professor was very clear "u dont need to use binomial distribution for that task"!
he the author of the book: https://digikogu.taltech.ee/et/Download/32c8edd9-f716-409a-8bce-76c189bea0cf

task 2.24, page 143.. answer given at page 664.
0,7^12 + 0,7^13 + 0,7^14 + 0,7^15
0.013841 +0.009689 +0.006782 +0.004748 = 0.035

all i needed was a verification.. one that you are clearly incapable of providing. but i see you point, and i was having the same doubts about his solution. i think he maybe just wrong.
like, the probabilities are given for single votes, not the total outcome. so why doesn't he include the combinations into the sample space?
also, by his algorithm receiving at least 3 votes has a probability of 113%,
also, wouldn't 12 votes have the same probability as 12 votes, including 3 denials. cause how else would we apply the same algorithm if expected outcome would be 4 greens, 5 yellows and 6 reds.

what vexes me most, is that later in his book, he has a chapter about binomial distribution,
By the way - I never once saw these edits. I saw your original post that started with "blah blah blah". If I would have seen this (editing is problematic if drastically changes a post) I probably would have responded different throughout the rest of the thread.