I guess I should introduce myself.

Hello TS.

I am Lowpro, a student at UAB about to either go to Dental School or find a doctorate program for Bioinformatics/Molecular Epidemiology; we'll see how the cards are dealt with that.

Enjoy statistics, REALLY enjoy biostatistics and have been cautiously reading and gleaning the Bstats forum.

So, if you have a question I have an answer. Can't guarantee it's a good one more than half the time but every day is a day in the classroom for me, either as teacher or student. I like having a forum like this though.

I also am desperately trying to get my head around R scripting. I am decent at SAS and JMP (which is just GUI SAS) but more of my analysis falls into PCA and stochastic relationships. A few of my professors are mentoring me on both R and analysis concepts so that's really what my interest is focused on ATM.