I would be so thankful if someone could take a look. Does the research design make sense to you?

Hello dear ones,

I would be totally happy if you could give me a short feedback if my intention makes sense to you and what you would possibly change.

My goal is to find out what kind of attitude my target group has towards sustainability and if this attitude is positively related to their willingness to buy sustainable fashion.

In addition, I want to analyze whether practiced "greenwashing" (fake sustainability) by fashion manufacturers is possibly hardly recognized and thus has a similar influence on the willingness to buy.

The data will be collected quantitatively by questionnaire using the five-point Likert scale.

The latent variables used to answer the 1st question:
- Attitude towards sustainability
(With 3 factors and 3-5 items each: environmental, economic, social sustainability).
- Willingness to make sustainable fashion purchases
(without factors but with 5 items cited from a previously conducted study).

The latent variables to answer the 2nd question:
- Perception of Greenwashing in the Fashion Industry (With two factors and 4-5 items each).
- Willingness to make sustainable fashion purchases
(With no factors but with 5 items cited from a study already conducted) ANALOGUE TO QUESTION 1.

Next: I would check if variables are related:

its a nonparametric procedure because of ordinal scale level:
So I would Test with Spearmann correlation

Many thanks in advance and have a nice evening/day where ever you are at!!! ;) :)