Identifying potential confounders

Univariate analyses are performed for demographic characteristics to test whether they were potential confounders; having a relationship with the outcome variable, having a relationship with the independent variable, and not being an intermediate variable between the independent variables (13) and the outcome variable.

Univariate analysis shows a relationship between a demographic characteristic (work department) and the outcome variable.
However, only 3 of the 13 predictor variables are significant related with this demographic characteristic (work department).

My question is: "Is my demographic characteristic (work department) only a potential confounder when it has a relationship with all 13 predictor variables. Or is it already a potential confouder when it has a relationship with 3 of the 13 predictors? "

I will perform a standard regression analysis with all 13 variables.


Fortran must die
I think its a confounder if it shares a relationship wit the DV and even one other predictor. I would not use univariate analysis to find confounders in any case. I would add it to the regression model and see what occurs.