Identifying Relevant Data on Articles

I’ve just started studying Biostatistics and so far I’m on the unifactorial (“one-way) variance analysis (didn’t reach the ANOVA thing yet). I’m trying so hard to identify and associate the concepts I’ve learned on my textbook with a practical article reading, but all I get is more and more doubts… There are so many information on it, I get lost everytime, don’t know what to considerate. Any tips on that?


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Repeated exposure and get your hands dirty with actual or made up data (synthetic/simulations) whenever possible! It will all eventually click and then you will realized real-world data is much messier and complex than textbook examples :)


Less is more. Stay pure. Stay poor.
Glad I could be of help. Are you in a program or self-studying? If in a program, is it focused on biostats or you just have to take a couple of stats courses to augment your track of study?

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I’m studying Pharmaceutical Sciences and biostats is in my curriculum, but I’m not taking it officially yet. I’m curious and didn’t want to wait for it, cause I need to understand better the articles I read to do all that critical thinking stuff.