If-Else Statement, using OR Operator

Hi guys,
I need help with the SPSS syntax.
I want to change the measurement level of each variable from NOMINAL to SCALE. If I take out the IF block and write out the command one at a time (so set each variable to Nominal afterwards), it works. But I would like to have it in the DO REPEAT block.

1. How would I have to change this so that the command works?

DO REPEAT #i = Variabel1 to Variabel100.
       IF (#i = Variabel1 OR #i = Variabel4 OR #i = Variabel10 OR #i = Variabel13 OR #i = Variabel17 OR #i = Variabel100) VARIABLE LEVEL #i (Nominal).
           VARIABLE LEVEL #i (SCALE).

2. Another question, is there a way to assign the first and last variable to the #i in the start command of the DO REPEAT without knowing the name of the variable?