If mean is between two values, generate response?

I am new to Stata and was wondering if it has a way to do something. I have tried researching a lot and can't find anything but im not sure if that's because I'm explaining it badly.
I have data where people take a depression test and in the data they all have a score for this test. I want to compute the mean for all of this (so I just have done "sum variable_name"). This then brings up a table and shows the mean depression score as 7. For this depression test, scores of 0-5 are "no depression" and score of 5-10 are considered "mild depression". I was wondering if there was a way for me to insert some code that meant that when this mean depression score of 7 was generated, by using "sum variable_name", a column next to it would generate text saying "mild depression" because the mean value is between 5-10. Is this at all possible?

Thank you so much in advance to anyone reading this. I've posted on one forum before and got a lot of hate, so I'm sorry if this is annoying! I've tried searching posts on every forum I can find and nothing is similar to what I'm looking for. Thank you!