If two groups of numbers have the same mean

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same mean for two groups.png
pls clarify my doubt on when we get same mean for two different data set, then SD and median are equal?
I've checked with some sample data and got same numbers. pls explain the logic behind it.
forgive me, since i can't attach the excel file here
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Check the formulas in the cells and which data they use.

For example, Median on the left side is false, if it should relate to column a,
and Maximum on the right side is false, if it should relate to column b.

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In excel it seems i selected the same range for both calculations.
so, same median and mode also same?!?!?
pls refer the screenshot for the same.



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I am not sure what your problem is. There are 2 different columns, both with the same median and mean,
while they differ with respect to Range, Variance, Skewness etc.
I'm just have a MCQ question on stat, in that the question is ,
if the mean is same for two group of data then/..
both median same / both sd is same / none of the above...
for this i'm asked with sample data.


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You can calculate the median in your head and the mean is same if you did calculation correct. However as @Karabiner stated they differ on other metrics. So fictitiously - sample 1 (50, 50) Sample 2 (0, 100), both have same median and mean, but vary on other metrics. Other mental paradoxes can exist where parameters are equal while others are not.