%INCLUDE statement error

I am using an %INCLUDE macro statement to read in and run a libraries macro program into my current code in the following way:

%include libs(&libraries..sas)/source2;

%include “/location path/libraries_1.sas” / source2;

Unfortunately, I receive the following error message:

ERROR 22-322: Syntax error, expecting one of the following: a name, a quoted string, a numeric constant, a datetime constant, a missing value, INPUT, PUT.

I don’t understand the error. I followed the verbiage in the SAS documentation on this procedure.

Any feedback/assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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what documentation, provide link.

Not an area I am overly familiar with, but your first line has quotes and second doesn't. Also, in first line the full text is not in the quotes?? But not my area as noted.