Insert text into all cells of first column in a sas dataset

I've output 'Moments' from Proc Univariate to datasets. Many.

Example: Moments_001.sas7bdat through to Moments_237.sas7bdat

For the first column of each dataset (new added first column, and probably new dataset, as opposed to the original) I would like to have a particular text in every cell going down to bottom row.

The exact text would be the name of the respective dataset file: say, "Moments_001".

I do not have to 'grab' the filename, per se, if that's not possible. As I know what the names are already, I can put that text into the procedure. However, grabbing the filenames, if possible, would be easier from my standpoint.

I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide to accomplish this.

Nicholas Kormanik