Instructional Videos vs Explicit Instruction

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I’m a 2nd year education student and we have been tasked with coming up with a research question to conduct in a classroom.
I’m completely out of my depth and have never done any research, or worked with concepts like variables, T- tests or methodology. However, I’ve put some time into the prescribed textbook and was hoping I can run this by you guys for some feedback.

I’m mostly checking that my terminology is correct in defining my control and intervention groups as well as my IV and DV.
NB: Be gentle, I’m totally new to this…

Research Question

Do instructional videos increase student learning as opposed to explicit instruction?


The aim of the study is to investigate whether using instructional videos to deliver content to students, increases learning as opposed to explicit instruction (teacher delivering the content).
The participants of 9 Males and 7 Females will remain constant over the study, with the hypothesis being a significant difference between learning using instructional videos as opposed to explicit instruction.

This research methodology was conducted using quantitative research to ascertain if there is a change in student learning using two different teaching methods.
The study was conducted over two lessons and consist of an Intervention group (which will be the lesson conducted using instructional videos), while the control group will be explicit instruction delivered by the teacher.

Lesson 1 (Control Group):
Using explicit instruction, the teacher delivered the following editing concepts: Sequence, Cut, fast cut editing, Jump cuts
Lesson 2 (Intervention Group):
Using instructional videos delivered on individual computers consisted the of following editing concepts: Transitions, Cutaways, slow cut editing, Continuous editing

The research used a post- test design only. This consisted of two assessments (one after each lesson) with four open-ended questions each. For example, "explain what a transition is in Film, and where it can be used."
Each question in the assessments has been assigned a maximum of 5 marks and evaluated on the level of each student's response. The level was ascertained through a rubric with each question showing levels of understanding and being assigned corresponding marks.
The overall tally (marks) of the questions relating to the control group has been compared with the intervention group question to see if there is a statistically significantly increase in student learning for the dependant variable (learning outcome).

Should I use a T-Test here – One tailed T-test?
Are the intervention and control group both my independent variables?
Have I defined my dependant variable correctly?

Other Notes & Limitations
There was no pre-test as this is entirely new content for the students as there has been no pre-learning involved at the school.
It is acknowledged that the lesson content differs somewhat between the two groups, but I believe it is closely aligned enough to collect meaningful data.
Example Rubric- not filled in yet – attached


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