Interpretation of Monte Carlo Significance for Chi-Square Analysis

I am currently utilizing a 4x7 chi-square and cannot collapse any columns or rows, resulting in expected cell counts of less than 5 in 14 cells (50%), minimum expected value is 1.36.

I included a monte carlo test of significance to account for this, however, I am unclear on how to interpret the results, preferably in APA 6th style. They are as follows:

Pearson Chi-Square:
Value: 67.143
df: 18
Asymp. Sig: .000

Monte Carlo Sig (2-sided)
Sig: .000
99.9% CI: lower bound: .000, upper bound .000

Monte Carlo Sig (1-sided)
Sig.: .000
99.9% CI: lower bound: .000, upper bound .000

Based on 10,000,000 sampled tables with starting seed 1993510611
Standardized statistics is -5.324

Any suggestions and input is welcome! Thank you