Interpretation of TSP output

Hello all!

I am currently trying to figure out how to interpret the output of panel data analysis in TSP (version 4.5).

My knowledge in this domain is quite limited, so I am struggling:( ..
More specific, I am having difficulties to understand when en why to hold or reject Plain OLS, fixed effects and random effects estimates, the 3 different estimates being processed in TSP. I have been searching for helpful information in books and on the internet for days, without much success..

I really hope that one of you can help me and clarify the differences between the use of these three estimation methods or TSP output interpretation in general.

Thank you all!!

greetz Maggi
Could anyone please help me on the way or give me some hints to work this out? As a graduate student Commercial Engineering I am not very familiar with this subject, but I need to make the econometric analysis for my graduation project.