Interpreting interaction terms


I did an experiment with three different treatment groups. In addition to finding out whether the treatments were statistically significant, I am also looking to find out whether students react differently to the treatment than everyone else.

Anyway, so I decided to create interaction variables (student*treatment1-2-3). While being a student is significant, and the treatments are significant, the interaction terms are insignificant though they are different from the coefficients of the student variable. Does this mean that students are not reacting different from the rest to the treatments? Or how do I interpret these terms?

I should also mention that I'm doing logistic regressions so the coefficients are all in odds ratios.
Yes, there is: Treatment1, treatment2, treatment3, treatment1*student, treatment2*student, treatment3*student, student.

Not sure what the best approach is here if for example I wanted to know if Treatment1 for instance is more/less effective on students than the general population. Any ideas?