Interpreting Mediation Output - Reporting non-existence of effect (Hayes PROCESS)

Screenshot of Output attached!

Hey all,

I am new to this forum and wanted to ask for some help with regards to interpreting a mediation output, which I ran in SPSS using Hayes PROCESS macro.

I am aware that the effect below suggests that there is no mediation because the indirect effect indicates that the LLCI and ULCI includes 0 in the very last row, which is a sign that no mediation exists.

However, when analysing the output as such, what exactly do I have to report on? Can I report that the regression models suggest that the independent variable and the moderator (even if it is not significant) cause the outcome variable and then simply state that mediation does not occur due to the last part of the output? Because the regression outputs still give significant r-coefficients and F-values.

I hope this is well explained and I would really appreciate an expert's opinion.