Invitation for a skype call

Hello, dear all!

Could anyone be brave enough to agree for a Skype conversation with me about my study methodology? I have data, I have some idea about what types of questions I want answered from this data, and I also vaguely imagine what kind of analysis to do. But once I try to do it the thread of logic seems to elude me and I find myself stuck not knowing how to proceed with the evaluation and interpretation.

We would talk about 30-45 mins, I'll explain the dataset and what I did so far and I would greatly appreciate you walking me through the process of analysis and interpretation and correct me as we go. This is my first independent project and I am very motivated to get it completed!

Thank you very much for interest and attention in advance.


Can't make spagetti
We usually prefer for questions and conversations to be posted on here. You never know if the same questions/problems that you have are also shared by other people. Keeping a public record of this would benefit you and any potential person who comes across it.