Is a chi-square test appropriate? Can I make a more comprehensive analysis?

Hi There,

I am new to the research field, and I am currently trying to find a way to apporpriately analyze some data that I have collected.

I am working in the biological sciences, and have read through the pages of suggested tests at - which was incredibly useful, and though very helpful -didn't seem to offer a solution to my problem.

I am working with pollinators, and trying to analyze in a simple experiment; whether or not certain insect families are more effective than others at carrying pollen. I have collected the insects in two different methods, with an active-trap, and with a sweep net. I have removed pollen off of the bodies of the insects, and have them all identified to family. I have approximately 600 insects captured in total.

My goal is to find; which are the most effective pollinators based on the total frequency of individuals carrying pollen. I imagine in this case that I would use a chi-square test.

However, I want to compare up to thirty families at once and find which families are significantly higher carriers of pollen. Does anyone out there have any suggestions, suggested reading material, or any other source of guidance?

Thank-you for your time! :)
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