Is a two-way Manova appropriate to my research question?

Hi everyone,

I am stuck on a research project and any advice would be greatly appreciated

I have been asked to determine whether the effectiveness of CRT (treatment) varies according to early vs late onset schizophrenia

Factor 1: Early onset/ late onset
Factor 2 (IV): before CRT/ after CRT

DV: multiple psychometric tests

Would a two-way manova be appropriate here?

Because I am trying to compare the two groups (early vs late onset), before and after treatment, or should I be looking at some sort of regression analysis?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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TS Contributor
For each psychometric test, you can perform a mixed repeated-measures analysis of variance,
with grouping factor onset, and repeated-measures factor time of measurement (before vs after).
The interaction between this factors tells you wehether the change from before to after CRT
was dfiferent for the two groups.

The analysis required complete data from a patient to be included, so if "after CRT" is missing
in particular cases, you must find a way to deal with that, or to leave these subjects out.

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