Is there a Mailing List for this forum?

Hi, I am new at statistic and it happens all the time, that I don' know that I don't know....
Therefore I would like to subscribe the mailing list of the forum so that I can follow all threats here in an convenient way(in my mailbox).

But I tried to search in the forum, in google - couldn't find anything relevant to this topic.

Does anyone know how could I subscribe the mailing list?
There are RSS feeds for forum and the subforums as well. for the forum. For the subforums look at the RSS icon next to the links to those subforums.
Hi Dason, thanks for the reply. I have already subscribed the RSS, but I realized that only the top of the thread (the questions posted) will be sended to the mailbox, the answers (which is more interesting to know) will not be further "grabed".

In this case, if there are 50 new threads a day, I need to click them all (50 clicks) and subscribe them in the page (50 more clicks). That is not much convenient....