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Hi all,
Just a brief introduction here from the guy with the ambiguous user name "jpkelley." Feel free to call me Patrick. I joined TS a couple of weeks ago after being disappointed by the rudeness of experienced posters on various R user forums. The TS community looks like a well-behaved and highly knowledgeable group. Glad I joined, and I hope I can contribute a bit.

I'm currently completing my Ph.D. in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group (and Dept. of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior) at University of California-Davis. My dissertation work has focused primarily on the natural history and ecology of tropical rainforest birds. I've spent many a 6-11 month field season in the jungles of Panama studying how birds react physiologically and behaviorally to predators in high and low predation environments. I've also been recently dabbling in occupancy modeling to quantify differences in predator density, prey density, and nest density. I quickly realized that any good field work is messy, so that is the reason I've developed my skills with mixed-effects modeling (including Generalized Additive Mixed Models) and model selection in R. So, I've spent the last 18 or so months trying to do everything in R...from restructuring datasets, accessing my myriad of databases, organizing workflows, graphing and animating, and analyzing data.

After I complete this little dissertation thing, I'm rolling into a postdoc position at University of California-Berkeley to work on spider behavior, ecology, and evolution. I suspect I'll return to studying the physiology and behavior of free-living birds within the next year or so.

In my spare time, I can be found dorking out with random analyses (unemployment patterns in relation to the 2012 election, predicting when the UConn women's basketball will lose after a long winning streak, etc.). Like all of us, I too need to escape the world of R (or other stats), so I can be found tying flies for my occasional fly-fishing excursion.

So, good to meet you all. Looking forward to contributing to TS and occasionally providing some of my own questions for you to think about. I've enjoyed the interaction so far.

Patrick (or any other nickname you provide)



Thanks for the introduction. I've already a couple of your posts and enjoyed your perspective and knowledge. I look forward to future posts from you as you participate in the various TS forums and threads. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with some other R help forums. I've had some people treat me rudely but I've also has some very encouraging and insightful responses too. I would encourage you not to give up on them entirely, there are a great number of very helpful people (many who work to improve [R] and the libraries, which is expertise you can't get elsewhere) and unfortunately they don't seem to create as strong of an impression as those who have little patience.

I think this site is more about helping those who really want to learn and the expectation for a high level of knowledge isn't there. It's expected you're willing to learn and are trying to improve. I'm thankful for the people who are willing to give their time to help as well as those who write questions that challenge others to present their knowledge in a way that others can understand. Welcome aboard and I look forward to what you can give and take from the site.


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Panama!? jeezuz, the most exotic it gets for me is going to the university gardens... i'm kind of oficially jealous now :p

(Late) welcome to the forum!!


Just a brief introduction here from the guy with the ambiguous user name "jpkelley." Feel free to call me Patrick.
As a Buffalonian who takes his football seriously I'd go with Patrick rather than JP. A few years back we had a quarteback come our way that was supposed to lead us to the playoffs :shakehead. This QB's name was J.P. Losman (click here for more on his pitiful career) and now the initial based name JP has been tainted in our eyes for ever. In our minds it's right above the names Judas and Jezabel. :p

All right I'm just kidding (except for the part about how terrible Losman was). Welcome aboard.:wave:


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Another belated welcome to the forum.

Good to see another ecologist here. If you say 'jungles of Panama' I think Barro Colorado Island... am I mistaken? :)


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You're right...Barro Colorado Island. Quite a bit of time spent there working on stingless bees, monkeys, and birds. Most of my recent work, however, has been along Pipeline Road on the mainland. I sense that you've been to BCI?