Likert Scale Analysis

I'm running an interview program using likert scale (11 scales) which have a quite different arrangement, for example (0 no change with last year condition; +1, slightly below normal but increasing growth; +2, it has a normal positive growth; +3, slightly above normal positive growth; +4 more than slightly above the normal positive growth and +5 is the criteria for the highest performance which ever reach; the "-" likerts have the same critera but with a negative growth on each variable). During the interview, we usually ask about the performance of 9 general variable of each of our contact, i.e, the domestic sales, exports, inventory, capacity utilization, investment, cost, selling price, costs (raw materials, energy and workers), gross margin, etc. We interview a medium to large scale of companies within 9 sector of the economy. The main question for each variable is as follows: "compare to the performance last year, what do you think about your (variabel a) performance this year?". Each quarter we visit more than 120 companies all over the country (It can be divided into 9 regions with some diversity on its economic sectors). Up to now, we could only produce a simple and descriptive quarterly report but actually my manager ask me to produce several report using quantitative analysis based on this interview result. Are there any suggestion for me?
Kindly regards.