Linear Regression Questions

Hello everyone,

I am using Exel's data analysis regression pack for the following and I thought I might reach out to the community for some input and help. I gathered information from 38 people -- all qualitative data -- and I broke all of their responses into a dummy variable table. I am trying to understand the correlation, if any, between this sample and a parking policy. I will provide pictures if I can!

I have, of these 38 respondents, 14 who say that regulation is necessary and 24 who say it isn't. [ Yes: 14 No: 24 ]
I also have 6 dummy variables for: not knowing about current policy, feeling that parking isn't necessary, the need for some parking, the need for moderate parking, the need for a lot of parking, and the need for a great deal of parking. These numbers are [ 8, 7, 7, 7, 3, 4 ] respectively.

So, disclaimer, it has been a while since I last had a stats course. I seem to recall that when doing regression like this that I may not be able to include all dummy variables in the analysis, however, the following includes all parking dummy variables so please correct me if that is wrong to have done (and why, if you could, because I can't seem to find a good google-related answer!).

--edit-- I just realized that I colored my second table incorrectly! Drats!

So, this is my output. One for no, and one for yes. What is throwing me off is the P-value of 1 in the no-regression. What does this mean? Does it mean that there is no significant difference or does it mean that there was something wrong with the output?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!