linear regression to control for

I have two ordinal variables: perceived organization support (IV), work engagement (DV)
looking for a relationship using spearman rho
I need to control for: age, children, Tenure

Can I use linear regression to control even though both IV and DV are ordinal?


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Provide a small sample of your data so we can better understand what it looks like. Provide sample size and a histogram of your dependent variable.
I haven't collected data yet...still designing the study. Not strong in stats so I wanted advice on stat test. I need to determine if there is a relationship and control for age, tenure, children/no children


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If you have an ordinal DV you should not use linear regression. This has nothing to do with controls. There are a series of violations of regression assumptions if you use linear regression with non-interval dv.

What form your predictors are don't matter so you can control whatever you want, just use logistic regression