[LM GLM OR LME] which analysis fit best for the data?

I am trying to work on some data. I have to perform statistic analysis but i don't know if i should use on R lm glm or lme.
I have 58 sample points each has two value: altitude and diversity index related to habitat heterogeneity. What I sample are different insects and I have two values: sp = species (total number of different species for each sample point) and ab = abundance (total number of insects for each sample point) the value are the sum of 5 different sampling each sampling has been conducted on a different months. what i want to answer is: are the species richness and the abundance affected by the altitude or the habitat heterogeneity? which is the best analysis to perform?
and which are the parameter for which u chose that analysis?
i have already script for all the 3 test i simply don't know which one is the right one to use