Logistic regression- categories

I am very new into Spss and spent a few hours to understand logistic regression. :shakehead

I could not understand the relationship between 0 referance catogory and 1 valued category in logistic regression.

For example, If dependent variable is school happiness ( 0 for yes 1 for no)

Independent variable is technological sufficiency (0 for yes and 1 for no)

what happens , for example, if I change 0 and 1 values with each other in dependent variable ? how will it effect independent variable and why?
Do reference groups mean they are put out of the calculation?

I see the result change but I could not understand the inter- relationship between categories of dependent and independent variable?...

Thanks a lot

Similar post was given here for more clarification : http://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/100775/reference-category-in-logistic-regression
Hey, I am also very new on regression analysis (working with EViews). And I am looking for some sort of beginners introduction/tutorial for logistic regression analysis. Can anyone recommend some literature on this?