Logistic Regression help

Please help with this question:

A case-control study conducted in Ile-et-Vilaine, France, aims to find predictors for (o)esophageal cancer. The study recorded characteristics on AGE, ALCOHOL and TOBACCO usage of each patient under investigation. The variables have the following coding:
  • CANCER – equal to 1 if cancer is present in patient, 0 otherwise;
  • AGE2 = age group - coded with three age groups: 25-44 (1), 45-64 (2), 65+ (3);
  • ALCOHOL1 = alcohol consumption ,measured in grams per day - coded with four categories: 0-39 (1), 40-79 (2), 80-119 (3), 120+ (4);
  • TOBACCO1= tobacco consumption measured in grams per day - coded with four categories: 0-9 (1), 10-19 (2), 20-29 (3), 30+ (4).

    I am wondering in order to run this in SPSS, which variables should be place in the covariates and which should be place in the categorical covariates?

    Thank you.


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Not an SPSS person, but they all look categorical to me. Can you convert the continuous variables back to continuous variables, which would make more since then discretizing them.