Looking for a co-author

Hey all,

I'm a PhD student at the University of Chicago and am working with some interesting data related to environmental pollution in urban areas. I'm looking to work out an analytic plan and then do an analysis in the coming month or two. This will be a slightly advanced causal inference or potentially predictive kind of model. Is anyone potentially interested in collaborating and being the co-author? I'll do the boring legwork and background/discussion write-up. I'm primarily looking for advice on methods and running/confirming models. Should be a really cool project! As long as you aren't a paid employee or stakeholder of Monsanto, there are no requirements. :yup:

You can DM me or reply here with any questions. Looking to get rolling this week!


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Maybe you can share some of your ideas and we can all help you out? That way you'll also learn to do it yourself.


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As mentioned, you need to provide more information. As I have help many people on and off this forum, I have not idea the type of data you are interested in using or the type of possible modeling, so I don't now if I may be of help. Are you going to look at data mixtures, longitudinal data, going to predict or forecast, etc. These pieces of information would help and other understand what you may be talking about.


P.S., Will this work be related to your dissertation? Meaning, will you need to get your committee to sign-off on it before you even know what your the project may fully entail?
I don't know how to reply to this suggestion.

It is in general better to start with a question, that needs an answer. What is the question?

And then, do you have, or is there any realistic chance that you can get good enough data to answer that?

Within what subject area will this be done, natural science, health science or what? What is your education?

Is the dependent variable a health variable (and the pollution acts as an explanatory variable) or is it the pollution variable that you want to investigate?

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