MANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts

Mixed design ANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts

This is my first time posting, I hope you can help me.

I employed a Mixed design ANOVA as part of a study:
Between-group factor: participant group 2 (depressed, never depressed)
Within-group factor: retrieval mode 2 (retrieval A, retrieval B)
Dependent variable: the emotional valence of the memories retrieved (negative -2 – 2 positive)

The results were as follows
A main effect of participant group: F(1, 38) = 7.07, p = .001, ηp 2 = .74
A main effect of retrieval mode: F(1, 38) = 11.21, p = .001, ηp 2 = .90
No interactions: F(1, 38) = 0.05, p = .84, ηp 2 = .02

We interpreted the main effect of participant group as showing that independent of retrieval mode, depressed individuals rated their memories as more negative than never depressed individuals. We interpreted the main effect of retrieval mod as showing that independent of participant group, memories retrieved during retrieval A were more positive than memories retrieved during retrieval B.

We received this comment from a reviewer of our manuscript:
“I wondered why the authors only report the results of 2 (Type of Episode) X 2 (Group) ANOVAs. Some interpretations of the results require single effect contrasts. A significant main effect of retrieval does not imply that this effect also is significant in the Depressed group, even if there is no interaction.”

Is their statement accurate? And if so, how do I deal with it?

Any thoughts/ideas and comments would be welcome.
Thank you
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