I am doing data analisis for my research and I kinda got stuck with it, I have seached alot and I am getting inconsistent informations if it comes to the analysis thath I should perform.

Generally it looks like that:

My participants (N =113) have results on two independent scales if it comes to usage and attitude U: < 0 - 20 > A: <0, 100> (I also have domographical data that I also want to see if they affect the dependent variables)
and I need to see how those results affect sound ratings (4 different sounds) in 3 parameters
So, my dependent variables are:

1. sound1_parametr1
2 sound1_parametr2
3. sound1_parametr3
4. sound2_parametr1
5 sound2_parametr2
6. sound2_parametr3
7. sound3_parametr1
8 sound3_parametr2
9. sound3_parametr3
10. sound4_parametr1
11 sound4_parametr2
12. sound4_parametr3

I want to see if the "patterns" of responses in sound ratings are correlated with points on U-scale and (or) A-scale

Is the test I need to perform MANOVA/ MANCOVA or something different?
Where can I look for such info?

I'm not sure if I'm clear enough, in case of any questions, please ask

Thanks in advance for your help