mean aggression scores

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I was searching the web a few minutes ago and I discovered this webiste so I registered immediately.

I have an assignment and I am not sure how to proceed, and I am hoping that I can get some help from some one.

Can someone please tell me how to calculate the mean aggression score for two groups?

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Welcome to Talk Stats. Mean agreesion score does not seems to be mathematical statistics concept. Is is derived from a rating system in psychology? Thanks.

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Thanks. This is the assignment:.
The mean score of 50 people on the Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory was 62 and the mean score of 12 people onthe Atkinson Anger Scale was 13.8.
The maximum possible score on each scale is 75. Find the mean aggression score for the two groups ( the mean across the Buss-Durkee and the Atkinson).

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This looks more like a psyc problem rather than a stats one. Is there a standard deviation? I probably cannot help you with it. Sorry.
I received this assignment from my stats class, but you are correct, the information is really focusing on psychology.

Thanks for responding.