mentoring needed - happy to pay for help.

Hi All,

Firstly let me apologise if this isn't the best place to post this type of question or if its out of character for the forum.

I have created loads of data and I am trying to use analytics and things to be able to ask various questions of the data. I really need to know if Im wasting my time and the dataset will have too much noise, just not the level of data thats needed.

Rather than taking a course, reading 3 set of books, I would like to pay for someone to spend 10 hours over a couple of weeks to mentor or help me decide if its worth going down this route and investing more time etc or whether the datasets will be too incomplete or full of noise.

is there anyone who wants to do some consultancy / mentoring, it can be done over the internet with team viewer etc, I have access to Statictica / minitab software.

I did speak to Statictica themselves and had an hour trial with one of their guys and we didn't even get to upload one data sheet ( excel ) into the software. Some of the columns came out as text when they were clearly numbers to 3 decimal places so lost all confidence in them. To get anything done with the guy I spoke to would probably cost about half a million at the rate he was going.

let me know if anyone is free to do something, happy to pay for help.

Happy to use any product and modelling techniques. its more about how to present the data to any software. if you can recommend any other then Im happy to base this on anything that suits.

I can be more specific when we talk provided someone wants to help. Im happy to pay for someone to hand hold hat I'm doing.


Im open to offers....

firstly I would want a few hours over the internet on team viewer / skype where I could show you a data sheet and what questions I would like to ask and then see if we could put it into a sort of order where we can see if the data matches the answers I think we are going to get. it could be using regression or possibly another technique.

I have a database and can pull out various data to excel / csv files.

Sorry for jumping in to your thread, but I have a similar wish. I have performed analyses (anova) on my data (in R), but don't know if I'm on the right track. I expect max an hour of someones time would be way more than enough to give me feedback. Preferably on e-mail. Please drop me a PM if you're interested with a quote on one hours work. Thank you.