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I'm highly considering deleting my Facebook profile for good. I don't use Facebook proper anymore but still rely on it for messaging certain people. I'm trying to figure out a decent modern replacement for Facebook messenger.

I think Telegram is at the top of my list so far but would love to hear what others here think and what you use.


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Whatsapp - only people that have your phone number will be able to contact you.
Why do you care it is owned by FB?

But I would keep the Facebook with a minimal use as a phonebook /white pages"
only you choose the level of use for the FB, nobody force you to post twice a week...:)


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Whatsapp if you want Facebook and US intelligence services to read your messages. Telegram if you want Russian intelligence services to read your messages. Threema if you want a 85-year old Swiss mountain farmer to read your messages. Signal is recommended by security experts, but unfortunately not that popular at the moment.
It seems to me that there is no public, completely private messaging app. If your data is stored somewhere it means there is a possibility that it will be stolen/hacked