[MINITAB] - Hotelling T2

Hi! I'm new here and am having an issue with MINITAB and computing the Hotelling T2 statistic. I'm trying to use it to detect out of control multivariate industrial processes and decomposing the signalling point to determine which variable is causing it.

I've been reading Multivariate Statistical Process Control with Industrial Applications by Mason and Young and trying to follow along with the examples in the book without much success. I also found this example paper and tried plugging its data sets into MINITAB, again without much success.

The issue I'm having is that MINITAB consistently sets the Upper Control Limit above where the examples compute it at, and also a large number, sometimes 80% of the points fall above the UCL. The setup for the T2 charts under Stat > Control Charts > Multivariate Charts >T Squared doesn't seem complicated, and I've read through the manual on the section but i have to be missing something. Any suggests or insights would be most appreciated.