Minitab troubleshooting - Not running all the data in stats testing

Hello all,

I am running my data through minitab using a Anova>general linear model and I can't figure out why my coefficients are not giving my any values for snails or white (in bold below) even though the equation is coding for this. From the graphs I have made it should be showing a significant difference with at least one of these factors.

To run this test I do this process:
General Linear Model
Fit General linear model ...
Response - Ingestion
Factors- Organism Colour

I can't see where i'm going wrong so some insight will be much appreciated.

Factor Information

Factor Type Levels Values
Organism Fixed 3 Anemone, Shrimp, Snail
Colour Fixed 4 Black, Blue, Red, White

Regression Equation

Ingestion = 0.8532 + 0.606 Organism_Anemone + 0.119 Organism_Shrimp - 0.725 Organism_Snail
+ 0.415 Colour_black + 0.258 Colour_blue - 0.353 Colour_red - 0.320 Colour_white


Term Coef SE Coef T-Value P-Value VIF
Constant 0.8532 0.0782 10.91 0.000
Anemone 0.606 0.108 5.58 0.000 1.34
Shrimp 0.119 0.108 1.11 0.270 1.34
Black 0.415 0.120 3.45 0.001 1.38
Blue 0.258 0.144 1.80 0.075 1.50
Red -0.353 0.138 -2.55 0.012 1.47


TS Contributor
Did Minitab provide any warnings in the Session window? It is difficult to diagnose with just this information. Can you post your data? I am a Minitab user, so the worksheet file format or Excel are fine.


TS Contributor
This appears to be a Minitab 19 project file. We haven't upgraded from 18 to 19 yet, so I cannot open it. You should be able to save it in the version 18 format and resend.
Hello and thanks again for helping. Attached is an excel spreed sheet of the data instead. I also didn't notice it isn't showing my NBF data, so, overall its isnt showing: White, NBF and Snail in the stats test


:rolleyes: I cant believe I forgot about this :rolleyes: Thank you so much for helping with this, i'll defiantly never forget this again. Kicking myself that I forgot this and it caused so much frustration haha