Mixed ANCOVA SPSS Interpretation

Hi !
Before I ask my query I need to explain some basic details with respect to my study.

Design: I have a mixed factorial design 2X2x2 with two within subject factors (having 2 levels in each factors) and 2 between subject factors. I ran two analysis:

Analysis1: Mixed factorial ANOVA and found that there was was a significant main effect of all the three factors with a significant interraction effect of all the three factors.
Result of Analysis 1 (without the covariate):

Analysis 2: I ran a Mixed Factorial ANOCOVA which was the same analysis as decribed above with just ONE covariate named BDI. However, I got the following output from SPSS which I am unable to interpret.

Note: Alerting_effect and Flanker type are within subject factors. Group is a between subject factor which contains two groups of participants.

1.I am not able to understand whether I have a significant interraction effect of the covariate between Alerting_effect X Flanker_type X Group. Which was the main aim of conducting the second analysis. The covariate may theoritical causes modulation in the result.
2. In the second analysis Alerting_effect X Flanker_type X Group is not significant as p = 0.161 while in the first analysis this interraction was significant p = 0.001. How do I interprete this finding?

If anyone can help me out in this I would be grateful.

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