MLE parameter estimation error in R for Exponential Distribution

I am doing a statistical modeling and doing right and left censoring. I have difficulty to fit my data to exponential distribution as I am getting the following error in R:

the function mle failed to estimate the parameters, with the error code 100

I do not want to shift or rescale my data as I need to do further analysis on my data. I tried to use lower to limit the starting point of Optim as a temporary solution. I have two issues that I can not use lower as a permanent solution:

1. I have thousand of datasets and I can not do this for each data set individually.

2. Might not be very accurate.

This is one of my dataset and the code that I am using and appreciate any help.

    fit=fitdistcens( datar,'exp') # This one returns error as I explanied above
    fit=fitdistcens( datar,'exp',lower=0.0112)
I really appreciate any kind of support.

Many thanks