Msc in statistics are those routes so much different?

next year i am applying for a master in statistics and i have to declare the route i am going (both from same department)
my first degree is finance,and i want the stats to help me be more math involved

my goals are
1)work in quantitative analysis department at bank (for example risk management)
2) be analyst in a corporation (predict sales or cash flows or whatever with analysing data to come up with answers)

core classes
time series
statistical inference
linear modelling
operation research

route 1
applied stats
bayesian stats
advanced sampling methods
quality control
categorical analysis

route 2
risk management
financial math
linear + non programming
dynamic programming
queing theory
inventory management

as electives from both routes
non parametrical analysis
financial math II
operation research -discrete optimization

so can i reach those 2 goals from both routes?
i tend to the second
what worries me if the lack of bayesian, sampling and glm will be a big issue or i can self study