MSc student with great interest in learning statistics.

Hello everyone. I am currently on my MSc program in Economics, that I take in Norway. A subject that is of great importance for us is statistics, it is also quite a challenging one. I however love challenges, and I want to start early by delving deep into this subject.

Therefore I decided to join this site, to be able to communicate with likeminded human beings, both equally or more qualified (also less, but I dont feel I can proclaim to tutoriable understanding yet) in the field of statistics. I seek to come in contact with persons who are willing to discuss statistics, and I need help planning a reasonable way to master it. I do not seek information that will ensure me getting a correct answer, without me understanding it. I rather hope too use this as an extra source of stimuli so that I can master what I need to master.

Thanks for reading this rather short introduction, and I look forward too the conversations I will be involved in here. :wave:


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Welcome aboard! You are on the internet, so you may not be able to ensure everyone you communicate with is a likeminded HUMAN, but regardlesss you seem driven.

We look forward to your participation!