Multiple Chi-Squares for Agree/Disagree Question?


I was recommended for this homework assignment to use a Chi-Square to identify whether or not the hypothesis is supported ("H1 = Curriculum for ENGR 455 cannot be taught as effective online as it would be in class"). What if I wanted to look further and see what the response are per occupation, gender, age or work experience? Can I run another Chi-Square to identify if there are different answers and preferences amongst occupation, gender, experience or age? Or should I use a different tool? For instance, is this hypothesis supported for all adjunct instructors that are male?

Here's an example of the data -

data example_ENGR 455.PNG

Any input will be helpful and appreciated!


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For 2x2 tables, an addtional categorical variable can be included when using the Mantel-Haenszel test.

Or, you can treat dis/aggree as a 0/1 variable and use it as dependent variable in a multiple logistic regression.

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