Multiple comparisons analysis

Hi all, happy new year !

I'm struggling with data analysis for cells categories. Here's the context :

I have 5 categories of cells : 2 in vitro, and 3 extracted from animal models at different time post-infection.

I have Early In Vitro / Late In vitro / 1 day post-infection / 2 days post-infection / 3 days post-infection (each sample is from a different animal, 1 animal gives only 1 value)
I performed a metabolic assay and I want to know if cells extracted at 3 days post-infection are different from the other categories after one hour and two hours of treatment.

Should I perform a one way anova at the same time for one hour and two hours, and then a Dunn's for multiple comparisons ? I have three biological replicates of this experiment, and 6 to 9 values total per cell categories.

Thank you very very much.