Multiple comparisons of dependent (and independent) tests


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Hi! - How does one correct for multiple comparisons after a series of statistical tests on partially overlapping data?

For example, I am currently doing a sensitivity analysis in checking how the volume of a spherical region-of-interest (ROI) influences comparisons of brain activity when comparing participants before and after a training intervention. There are 4 ROIs, and each have 3 different sizes. This is the table of p-values:

4mm 6mm 8mm
ROI1 0.020 0.059 0.029
ROI2 0.047 0.043 0.035
ROI3 0.047 0.197 0.011
ROI4 0.012 0.001 0.015

Obviously, the row-wise results are likely to show similarities given that the data is partially overlapping, while the p-values in each column are more independent. Bonferroni or FDR-correction does not really make sense to me in this situation.
Suggestions would be very welcome.