Multiple regression analysis problem

Hi all,

Which SPSS expert wants to help me out? For my thesis I’m working with a SPSS file including the next data from 162 respondents:
- Every person filled in 1 survey in the beginning (with independent variables such as gender, age etc)
- 3x per day over 10 days, respondents filled in their workplace, their work activity and how they rate this

I want to know which independent variables predict the mean rating (dependent variable) by performing a multiple regression analysis. My datafile is already in a wide format and I already made match/mismatches between workplace and work activity. Problem is that I still have 30 match/mismatches in the file per person and I want all the variables match/mismatch also in the regression analysis. Best thing would be to transform these 30 match/mismatch variables into 1 variable but how? It’s nominal and binominal so it’s not possible to calculate the mean. I already tried modus but that’s not working in the multiple regression analysis. How can I put this particular, binominal variable of match/mismatch into my multiple regression analysis when it still exists of multiple measuring moments? Or should it use another analysis??