Multiple Response Frequency Table - need help

I got this table of results for frequency of mortality categorized by year of death per age group. I need to have each age group also categorized by gender.
I am using SPSS v.25. To get this table I used the multiple response function. Mortality and year of death were selected for Row, while gender and age group were selected for column. Gender category per column however did not come up. It was worked out separately ad year of death vs gender and total mortality vs gender.
How can I get a tabulation classifying mortality by year of death and age groups, and showing frequencies of mortality by gender for each output image.png age group?


TS Contributor
You should use the custom tables function rather than multiple response.
Seemingly, there is no multiple response here at all.

Or maybe you can use crosstabs, with year and age group in row and column, and gender as layer.

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