Multiplicative Change


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Hey, I am still playing around with the gamma reg with log link. The model kicks out a coefficient for my continuous IV. I can then exp the coefficient to get the multiplicative change in the DV. In an estimate statement I can get the estimate for different values of the IV. I was curious if these were something I could calculate myself based on the original generated exp(coef)? Seems so but my brain is on cruise control this weekend. Below are examples of generated estimates for exp IV values as an example.

IV 1: 0.9939
IV 10: 0.94
IV: 100: 0.54


Less is more. Stay pure. Stay poor.
.9939^100 ≈ 0.54
I figured it was something as simple, but I wanted the splendor of going outside to shovel for 1.5 hours and having A nicely procure result waiting for me.

PS, I just figured out how to do this on iPhone calculator. I didn't know how to before - A contributing factor to my laziness.
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