Multivariable non-linear (?) regression in STATA


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I'm very new to statistics and to the software STATA, so I apologize if my question is too straightforward.
I'm trying to find the coefficients (a0, a1 ... o1) in the following equation:
cost = {a0}* m + {a1}* m^2+{b0}* l+{b1}* l^2+{c0}* h+{c1}*h^2+{g0}* r+{g1}* r^2+{j0}* b+{j1}* b^2+{k0}* s+{k1}* s^
> 2+{o0}* d+{o1}* d^2

I have several values for several years for the cost and the variables m, l, h, r, b, s, d, e.

What is the relevant method to find these coefficients, and what is the corresponding function in STATA that can return the coefficients?

Thank you in advance, and sorry again if the question is too straightforward.



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I don't use STATA but just a note. This isn't non-linear. It's linear in the parameters so you should be fine. I don't know if STATA makes it easy to add quadratic terms but you could always create the squared terms yourself and run it like a normal multiple linear regression.
Guys, thank you so much for your precious help!
I will read through the recommended document, and will proceed by squaring the values beforehand!

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