Need help interpretting/transforming this graph (if possible)

Mean Joe

TS Contributor
This reminded me of a question someone else asked. Their graph was a little different (there was a small tail on the left), but I think maybe the advice can be similar.

Log transformation on discrete data

To quote from post #8 in that thread:
When you have long tails on the right side of your data the transformation of choice is the log transformation as jamesmartinn said: ln(x+1).

However if your data is discrete (whole seconds) this might give problems. See the attachment Poisson, where I log-transformed a dataset of counts (like whole seconds) the data becomes more "normal" but you are left with big breaks on the left side. This is to be expected with the log-transformation on discrete data. If the data was continuous it would be less of a problem (see lognormal attachment).


Hopefully that helps, but let us know if it doesn't.