Need help on a statistical algorithm.


Can't make spagetti
Honestly that's probably a better suggestion for this. Going the full Beta route might be nicer if it's possible to code easily but the triangle distribution would probably work quite well here. I guess it all comes down to the specifics of what attributes are necessary from the distribution.
It is. But like you said it must be iid and this ends up with a symmetric distribution which i don't think quite fits the needs here. Plus is a convolution really simpler than an if/else?
True. I guess I was going more on this thing you said here. And lua does have sd = dist.uniform(a, b), so I thought that would work. Or you could re-scale it so that its mean is closer to 0.1 and truncate it at the peak so that.... ok, you know what, both of you are right. The if-else statement is easier.