Need help: reg EQS and Goodness of Fit tests

Hi! Hope you guys could help me out here... I'm doing a path analysis on EQS, and the goodness of fit test results i got are the ff - i'm not sure if these are valid:
Chi-square = .001, p.97 (df = 1)
CFI = 1.00
RMSEA = 0.00

I'm not sure if this could be called a good fit, a perfect fit, or if this is at all valid as I've never encountered this before.
I have the feeling that the model is saturated, hence, the perfect fit. Most of the time, in path analysis if you estimate all the possible paths, the models gets just-identified, or saturated, giving you perfect CFI, TLI, RMSEA SRMR. Chi-square is not affected but is highly sensitive to sample size. You should liberate one parameter to have real fit indicators.
thanks for the reply, really appreciate it! but how can I then loosen my parameters? I don't know how this is done. I actually only have 3 variables. The model basically looks like this: Var1 --> Var2 --> Var3

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mmm... a path mediation model with 3 variables will be always saturated... you should consider adding another variable to the model, or move to SEM (Latent variables). What's your sample size??
mmm... the sample size is hardly enough but you should try anyway. :) May be you can help me with my question!! is about 5 or 6 treads below yours, and is about power analysis XD
looks like i'm stuck with a saturated model. I've tried SEM and adding other variables, and other permutations with my data but none appears to work. but thanks so much for the help! really appreciate it :) would you also have any idea on how to report it?

sorry i could't be of help to you regarding power analysis - i'm not familiar with it :-S good luck though!
well... saturated model estimation is not wrong, so can report the betas, and the fit is not "wrong" either is just "saturated", meaning that can perfectly replicate the real variance-co variance matrix of the data. it's not a sin, so just report it the way it is.